Chris and Rachel’s Fairytale Wedding


On the morning of August 5, 2017 I woke up and could sense something special. The excitement was almost palpable. Chris handed me an envelope and told me to get dressed because my best friend was on her way. The letter enclosed had a riddle leading me to a painting with another letter behind it. In the letter was a riddle sending me for coffee. My best friend showed up and off we went. Each of the following locations had letters waiting for me with riddles sending me to the next. These locations included a makeover, hair stylist, where he first sang for me, where we met, where he told me that he loves me and then to a park near a pond where Chris got down on one knee in the rain and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes and then our family came out from around the corner and celebrated with us.


Immediately after our engagement we started getting ideas for our big day. We needed it to be unique just like us. We wanted something non-traditional, small and intimate but lots of fun. We went online and looked at some destination weddings. We stumbled upon a couple venues in New Orleans and instantly fell in love with the city. Feeling a little overwhelmed being over 2000 miles away, we started contacting wedding planners. We found PK Events and didn’t have to worry about a thing from then on! All we had to do was respond to a few emails and show up. Our perfect day would not have been possible without PK Events. They certainly were our fairy godmothers in our most magical day. My mother was also a huge help and we couldn’t have done it without her.


We arrived in New Orleans a few days before the wedding and instantly felt right at home as we toured the city. Of course the only day that it rained was our wedding day. However, anytime that we needed to go outside the rain would stop and the sky would be clear and blue. I lost my dad very suddenly about five years ago so my husband suggested that we have the wedding on his birthday to make it that much more special. I have never felt so sure or confident than I did on my wedding day. We had a couple hiccups that were laughed off and with the help of our wedding planners the day was a dream. We could barely see our vows through the tears as we made promises to each other and to our kids. After a very emotional ceremony we lightened the mood with the lovey second line band. After a delicious dinner, cake, and a couple of dances, we tucked our kids into bed then took the ferry over to the French Quarter to celebrate!


As for our honeymoon, we don’t have one planned yet. However, we hope to plan one very soon! We also certainly plan to visit New Orleans every year for our anniversary or any other special occasion.



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Chez Ru Rene


Oltmann Officiant


Second Line Band


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What to Expect on Your Wedding Day


Your wedding day is almost here!  You’ve probably been dreaming about it since you were little.  It may have been the exact same vision over and over again in your mind, or it may have changed throughout the years with your changing tastes and preferences.  Either way, your wedding day should be perfect and we are here to help!

Here are some things that you should expect on your wedding day:

Everything will go by so fast ––  Time flies when you’re having fun, and it should be no surprise that the most magical day of your life is going to be no exception.  Your wedding day is going to be people pampering you, and making sure you’re happy. It will contain your most favorite people in the universe, in a place that you’ve chosen because of how it makes you feel. And most importantly, you’ll be with the person you love the very most.  Make sure that you sit down at least once, and make sure as a new couple, you have a few minutes to yourself before you are presented once again to all of your friends and family as the new Mr./Mrs.


Please, whatever you do…Eat!  This is so important because 1) you are paying for this amazing reception of which you have carefully planned the perfect menu and 2) it will make the rest of the occasion much more pleasurable for the bride/groom.  It’s important that the couple get every single thing even if a little to-go box is prepared for you to have as you ride off into the rest of your lives. Your favorite wedding planner will be sure to make sure this is a top priority!

Not everything will go according to plan ––  There’s always something that happens that’s out of someone’s control.  Whether it’s a guest missing their flight, a venue having a plumbing issue, or you tripping over your dress– it’s going to be something.  If you’re prepared for it, you’ll be able to let it go, work with what you have, and enjoy the rest of your day. Remember, the most important part of this day is you marrying your life partner. Nothing matters more than that.

Pictures, pictures, pictures — You may get sick of smiling.  Some couples love the picture part, and some hate it —  it’s important to just grin and bear it and not focus so much on the photography but making on your photo shoot a really fun experience.  You’ll have a better wedding day and it will really show in your pictures. And these are snapshots of the memories that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life.  Pictures help convey your joy to those who couldn’t be there on your special day, as well as to remind you of how happy you were even dozens of years later. Above all, if there is a special hair and makeup look you want, or a special shot that you want– speak up (or get someone to do it for you).  This day must be captured the way that you want to remember it.

Here’s the most important thing that you need to know:

Recruit someone to help you —  Whether it’s a trusted friend, family member, or an amazing wedding planner (hint, hint)—  none of the things that we mentioned above will mess with your day if you have someone who’s prepared for what could possibly go wrong and who will take care of everything in advance.  We highly suggest you invest in a planner because we have seen everything — and therefore can prepare for everything. It’s also really important that if you aren’t from the area that you have someone that is familiar with the network of New Orleans, who can recruit multiple people to step in if help is needed. From making sure that all of the pieces are working together, to having a plan B, C, D, and even E in place — we have your back on your big day.

For more information about our amazing elopement and destination weddings and wedding planning packages in New Orleans, click here to contact us.


Taylor and Ryan: Tropical Paradise on the Avenue


Taylor Wolleat and Ryan Voltz were married on Friday, May 18th, 2018, at the Van Benthuysen-Elms Mansion, affectionately nicknamed Elms Mansion. Originally built in 1869, the home was sold in 1952 to local businessman, John Elms, whose family later generously opened the home for private events. The home is currently operated by the 3rd generation Elms family.

The Elms Mansion, located on the beautiful St. Charles Avenue, boasts a gorgeous courtyard space; the perfect place to have a tropical wedding with a southern flair. The 1pm ceremony took place under the Gazebo with New Orleans’ own Colleen Oltmann of Oltmann Weddings officiating.

The bride carried a non-traditional bouquet of tropical leafs and orchids created especially for her by Erin Steen Flowers. The Knot mentions tropical blooms as a new trend for 2018, and it’s easy to see why. It’s beautiful and extremely eye-catching. The “Tiki” art piece was incorporated into the groom’s boutonniere as well!

The bride walked to her groom to the very-fitting and sentimental “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds. This song holds a special place in their hearts and will forever be associated with their special day!

After the exchange of vows, guests were treated to a Bananas Foster buffet, which was all the rage with out-of-town guests and family! The wedding cake was baked by the very talented mother of the bride, and was decorated with magnolia blossoms and macarons, in keeping the tropical feel of the day.

Champagne flowed and toasts to the happy couple were declared!

Guests posed for photos and many memorable moments were captured by the keen eye of Marcia Ibay Grover of Ibay Photography. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Voltz! Thank you for trusting PK Events to plan your special day!

For more information on how to get married in New Orleans, contact us at our website, IDoNewOrleansWeddings.com.


Wedding Designers: PK Events NOLA

Cake: Mother of the Bride

Officiant: Colleen Oltmann

Photographer: Ibay Photography

Flowers: Erin Steen Flowers

Location: Elms Mansion, New Orleans


How Do I Know What to DIY at My Wedding?


How Do I know What to DIY at My Wedding?

“D.I.Y.” — Short for “Do It Yourself”, this phrase is the motto of capable people who can take the world by the horns and make their own dreams come true. Before the modern DIY revolution, people had to hire someone to do every single thing they required. Now, people know the power of Pinterest, and they have the blood, sweat, and tears of the people who tried before them archived and conveniently pinned. Why reinvent the wheel, when you have instructions for literally everything right in front of you, and sometimes with a YouTube video included?

We love when brides (and grooms) take the initiative to DIY, and we encourage you to do as many things as possible yourself for your own wedding. Not only is it more frugal, and the way to make your budget go a lot farther, but it also means that “you” will be within every detail of your special day.

But, how do you know what NOT to attempt to do yourself? Here is our handy guide:

Flowers — Flowers are a tricky one, because you could go either way on this item. I have an aunt who is famous for making the most gorgeous bouquets you’d ever imagine, and essentially what she does is pick out really beautiful grocery store flowers by the single stems, duct tape them together in the perfect arrangement, and then cover the tape with satin ribbon and pins. It’s genius, and it stays together, at the fraction of the price of a florist. The downside to DIY flowers, is that they don’t travel well, so if you’re not getting married in your hometown you really need to consider hiring a professional. Additionally, if you don’t have someone who can watch over them the night before carefully, water and refrigerate them if necessary, and carefully transport them to the ceremony, you may also want to invest a few extra dollars toward a pro.

Officiant — If there is someone special in your life that you’d like to officiate your ceremony, feel free to ask them— they can get certified easily online in one of a few churches of your choice, and you’ll be able to pay them a reduced fee. Often, when a friend marries you, they’ll donate the services as your wedding gift. Of course, you’ll need to make sure they are licensed in the state in which your ceremony will occur (and they need to be there up to a week earlier, in many cases, for paperwork) — so if that’s not possible you may need an officiant who knows local and regional laws.

Decorations — Decorations are a do-it-yourself item all the way. Check out Pinterest for your favorite ideas, and make them come together using items from garage sales, craft stores, discount stores, and even by ordering from overseas, via stores like AliExpress.com and wish.com. By checking sites like Facebook Marketplace and VarageSale, you can even find already made decorations from another couple who doesn’t need them anymore at a fraction of the original price.

Favors / Gifts — Favors and gifts are another one that you can easily do yourself. Try browsing the above mentioned sites for items that you can buy in bulk, or find something you like and find a way to copy it. When I didn’t want to pay the $12 per votive holder that I saw featured in an upscale boutique, I bought plain glass votive holders and spray painted them myself with chalk paint at a cost of .83 cents per holder.

Photography — Photography is going to be a “hard no” in our opinion. Your wedding day will only come once, and it needs to be captured correctly. We understand that photography is expensive, but you can find the right person who can stick within your budget (and we will happily recommend some of our favorite budget friendly photographers). The price is expensive because the right equipment is expensive. Trust us on this one, we have seen too many amateur photographers ruin weddings (not of our clients) to know what can happen — you won’t get a chance to catch those precious moments again, so it’s important that it be done right the first time.

Videography — Same with photography, we definitely feel that you should hire a professional on this one. You can certainly ask your friends and family to film your special day with a cell phone camera (turned horizontally, please), but that should only be as a backup. If you want a video, you should make sure you hire someone with the right equipment, especially a tripod. Otherwise, you may end up with a ceremony video that looks like the Blair Witch Project.

Photo Booth / Reception — A photo booth, or any other fun reception game, is something that can easily be done yourself. Check out Pinterest and other sites (or photo booths in the area) for the setup that they use, and copy their frames and props. If you have any amateur photographers that would like to help out with your wedding, this is where they can be useful!

Invitations — Invitations should be purchased for the more traditional brides or grooms, but there’s no reason why you can’t make them yourselves. You can also order them from etsy or a local small business or independent contractor for a fraction of the price that you’d pay a professional invitation shop. You can also try sites like Upwork or Fiverr to connect with graphic designers who can design custom invitations for as cheap as $5 a template, as well as with calligraphers who can address them for you.

Food — We’re pretty sure that you don’t want to be in the kitchen on your wedding day! This is something you can absolutely farm out to friends and family, especially if there’s a special recipe among your clan. Be careful though, if you’re traveling into New Orleans from somewhere else, you may just want to hire a local to avoid food spoilage that comes from traveling with food. Also, you’ll want to make sure to check with the venue, because many do not allow outside food, and then you’ll have a lot of hungry guests.There aren’t many venues that we can think of offhand that let you bring your own food in the New Orleans area.

Venue — A venue is something you can find yourself, but it’s probably not a good idea — at the very least you’ll want a place that has been used before (and troubleshot) for weddings, as well as a place that carries some kind of insurance.

Licensing — Licensing can be a very tricky thing, and if you’re not sure what you’re doing, it’s best to get your officiant or wedding planners to help you. The last thing you need is to not legally be married. You should also make sure you’re complying with the laws and regulations of the city, town, or (in our case) parish where you’re tying the knot, especially if you’re doing something like having a second-line or parade to accompany your ceremony. Your wedding is a joyous occasion and shouldn’t be smudged by tickets or fines.

Entertainment — If you have a friend or relative who is a performer you may save on entertainment that way, but you definitely want to make sure you know the performer in advance. Otherwise, it’s better to choose someone who’s reputable, who will bring all of their own equipment (and not rely on you to set up speakers in your wedding dress), and who has all necessary insurance and permits for the venue and city. If you’re going to have a second line parade or outside music, it’s especially critical to make sure that the proper permits are in place.

Wedding Planning — Last but not least, are your wedding planners. Of course you can wedding plan yourselves, most brides and grooms do a large portion of the wedding planning whether they hire someone or not. After all, you may have decided what colors and theme you wanted for your nuptial ceremony when you were six years old. The difference though, is that a wedding designer is there to implement your vision and make it come to life, so that you can do what you’re supposed to do on your big day — enjoy it, and be married. By splurging on the wedding planner(s), you’ll be treating yourself to a better experience. You don’t want to worry, you don’t want to stress— you want to have fun, after all of the work (and money) you’ve put into your big day, and a wedding planner or designer is the best way to accomplish that and make sure everything goes off without a hitch, while you get hitched!

For more information on weddings, planning, and do-it-yourself, especially in our home state of Louisiana and city of New Orleans, contact us at PK Events, pkeventsnola@gmail.com, http://www.IDoNewOrleansWeddings.com

Your New Orleans Wedding Planners,

Patricia & Kristen

PK Events


The Tree of Life: Kaitlyn & Daniel


The Tree of Life is a famous tree located in New Orleans that’s a become a favorite of both tourists and locals in the several hundred years its been in existence. Thought to be approximately 500 years old, the tree is officially named the Étienne de Boray Oak, named for the first mayor of New Orleans. de Boray was a sugarcane plantation owner, and he’s one of the first men who officially brought the crop to New Orleans. The oak tree was on his property, and therefore, carried his name.

No one really knows how the Tree of Life got its nickname, but there are a couple of different theories. For one, the tree is adjacent to a wall of the Audubon Zoo, so if you climb its branches all the way to the top (not recommended by us) — it’s thought that you can see whatever animals reside on the other side of the wall. At this time, it’s where the giraffes are housed.

The Tree of Life is also a favorite in the lives of many, from the time they are children climbing on its many twisting branches (that hang extremely low to the ground), to the time they’re older and witnessing many sacred events here, like weddings.

Kaitlyn and Daniel knew it would be the perfect place to celebrate their vows to each other, and host their wedding ceremony. The climbable branches are absolutely perfect for wedding photos. We absolutely loved this adorable couple, and you could feel the energy from each of them, us, and the beautiful Tree of Life.

To reach the Tree of Life, travel on East Drive away from the river, and the tree is located where Annunciation Street ends.

For more information on the Tree of Life, or to schedule wedding photos or a wedding ceremony there, contact us. You can also contact us for questions about other New Orleans or Louisiana area venues.

– Patricia & Kristen

PK Events


A Streetcar Named Wedding: Katey + Veronica


Katey & Veronica's New Orleans Street Car Wedding

The St. Charles Streetcar is the oldest continuously operated Streetcar in the entire world, and has been running steadily since 1835. The St. Charles Avenue line is the most operated and used of all of the city’s RTA lines, and it never lets it’s passengers down, a combination of locals headed to work and tourists enjoying our amazing city.

The Streetcar is tried and true, and has withstood the test of time for almost 200 years. It’s the perfect symbol of loyalty, dedication, and character. One look at the green and red streetcar, and you’ll instantly know that you’re in New Orleans ready for all of her mystery & excitement. It’s the perfect place for a wedding!

On April 13th, we had the pleasure of designing Katey & Veronica’s wedding, and the actual ceremony started at 3pm, aboard the St. Charles Avenue Streetcar!

Their colors were Burgundy, Blush, and Rose Gold. We loved the way everyone was casual but still absolutely gorgeous. The couple and bubble girls accessorized their bridal wear with Burgundy Chuck Taylor converse sneakers.

The Historic Sully Mansion provided accommodations for the couple, as well as some picture perfect backdrops!

Fortunately, New Orleans has a ton of other amazing spots for a photo opp, especially when you have the luxury of getting to all of them on a streetcar! Pictures were taken by Marcia Ibay Grover of Ibay Photography.

If you look really closely in this picture, you’ll spot two PK wedding planners hard at work!

This adorable cake topper was designed by Clayphory, and is available on Etsy.

We had a blast with this fun couple & their beautiful friends & family! Congratulations Katey & Veronica! We wish you happiness for the rest of your lives together, and we can’t wait to see what other destinations your streetcar carries you to!

To see the rest of the pictures from this beautiful day, click here:

To see the video, click here:

Katey & Veronica Credits:

Designers: I Do By PK Events NOLA

Officiant : Colleen Oltmann

Photography: Ibay Photography

Makeup: Fairytales and Brides

Reception: Superior Seafood

Cake: Chez Ru Rene Bakery

Cake topper: Clayphory

Accommodations: Sully Mansion

If you’d like to have a New Orleans themed wedding, contact us today!

And please make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter!

With Love,

Patricia & Kristen

PK Events NOLA

I Do By PK Events NOLA

I Do New Orleans Weddings.com


Something Blue Bridal Event 2018


PK Events was honored to participate in this year’s Something Blue Bridal Event, organized by New Orleans Weddings Magazine.

The event was held on Wednesday, March 14th, at Generations Hall, which was wonderful for highlighting what an amazing venue it is.

Brides received a special wristband, and a “NOLA GIRL” tote bag from New Orleans Weddings magazine, that included a slip for a prize drawing, a coupon for one free glass of Tiffany blue sparkling wine (Blanc de Bleu), and some other sponsored goodies. They also received the latest issue of New Orleans Weddings magazine, and the chance to participate in a bridal cake pull, and a fun scavenger hunt.

We were honored to participate with some of our favorite vendors all over the city! Here are some of our photo highlights:

An aerial view of all of the amazing vendors (just in one room!) If you look hard you’ll spot PK EVENTS!

“More fun upstairs” was certainly correct, as that’s where the Bubble Bar was! (Blue Sparkling Wine)

Kristen of PK Events talks to an interested bride about her big day!

“Who Doesn’t” LOVE this I Do Display?

We had so much fun showcasing all of our services, including elopements, engagements, parties, events, and more!

Some of the show attendees!

And PK Events’ full display!

We noticed a lot of popular trends, including rose gold, blush, and geometrical shapes everywhere, like in this display from Megan Crawford photography. We always try to keep up on the latest trends for our brides and grooms!

Many vendors had games, like this “find the tiara” scavenger hunt from MaeMae.

MaeMe had many beautiful dresses displayed. Models walked around as well, decked out in MaeMe outfits.

Of course, there were plenty of food samples!

And beautiful light displays, like this Marquee from Hyatt Centre.

At PK Events, we’re suckers for royal purple, so we especially liked the way the lighting hit this rose gold table top display.

Overall, we had an amazing time!

If you would like to read more about this event sponsored by New Orleans Weddings, or any of the other vendors that were there, you can click here for the official event blog.

If you’d like to know more about our services at PK Events, including our elopement packages and destination wedding packages, click here. You can also contact us here.

We look forward to making you a PK Bride!


Patricia & Kristen

PK Events


Why Elope?




We have couples call us all of the time excited about the opportunity to elope in New Orleans. They are often seeking advice on the most beautiful location in New Orleans to Elope. We love the opportunity each time we marry our couples as they are at ease and stress free.

Here are the reasons why most of our couples elope:

Save Money!!!

Often the number one reason to elope is financial. Affordable Weddings are hard to accomplish once all of the family gets a hold of that guest list. No one wants to fork out what can be the equivalent of a house deposit, for only one day in their lives. This is especially true for couples who have been living together, already share a child or are not on their first marriage. Eloping seems like a romantic and financially responsible option.

Stress Free…

Avoid stress and escape drama. Planning a wedding is often stressful and creates anxiety as the couple seeks to make everyone in the extended family happy and meet everyone’s needs. Allow a local expert to connect you to the best, most affordable vendors and handle all of the details for you..

Just the Two of Us.

Time for Just the Two of You Focus on each other. Eloping can feel like re-prioritizing back to the couple’s relationship and their wishes for the core part of the process of getting married, which is to stand together and promise to love and honor one another. When it’s just you, the vows you say are for only you and they are truly emotionally examined.

Make it the Backdrop you always wanted…

Have you always wanted to get married on the beach? In the mountains? In New Orleans? Well, it will now probably be easier to afford your dream ceremony in a beautiful place if you don’t have to pay for dozens upon dozens upon dozens of people’s food and beverages, flowers, and more.

Elopements are just as beautiful as any large ceremony. In fact, we find most of our couples exude radiance as they share in this most important moment, just the two of them.

Jonathan & Melanie: a 9/11 Firefighter’s New Orleans Wedding


Jonathan and Melanie were married Friday, December 2nd at Jackson Square.

Jonathan was a New York firefighter (he is now retired) and he served our country in the most amazing way possible– by fighting as a firefighter on September 11th in New York City during the terror attacks in 2001.

Jon fell in love with New Orleans and the people of New Orleans when attending Mardi Gras, after being invited to ride in one of the major parades. He has attended over a decade of Mardi Gras & other events in New Orleans ever since then. Coupled with the fact that Jonathan’s parents met in New Orleans, it was a perfect place to be married.

We were so happy to be able to be a part of their special day and make all of their dreams come true!

The wedding was officiated by one of Jonathan’s fireman friends from New Orleans who helped Jon’s fellow firemen brothers after Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast.

After the wedding, there was a huge second line from Jackson Square, to the reception site, which was located at the Marriott Riverview Room. The second line was one we’ll never forget!

Because Jonathan’s parents met at Preservation Hall so many years ago, the second line stopped there and a toast was given to the parents of the groom, in a perfect touch to include them in the special day’s events. The groom also wore a kilt with the plaid of the Henderson clan.

The bride was stunning in her dress, and hair and makeup by Fairytales & Bride.

The colors were navy blue & yellow, combined with the traditional Mardi Gras colors.

The groom’s cake was a King Cake and both cakes were decked out in purple, green, and gold:

The couple now lives in Florida, and we hope they’ll return to New Orleans to celebrate special occasions for the rest of their lives together!


Wedding Planners: PK Events & I Do By PK Events

Photography: Marcia Ibay Grover of Ibay Photography

Hair & Makeup: Fairytales & Bride

Flowers: Erin Steen

Cake: Marriott

Lyndsey & Martin: Butterflies in the Sky


On September 29th, we had the pleasure of planning the wedding of Lyndsey to Martin, on a beautiful New Orleans day, right outside of Jackson Square.

Lyndsey was a beautiful bride in both appearance and heart, and had read a story that if you told a wish or a prayer to a butterfly and released it on your wedding day, the butterfly would bring your wish or prayer to heaven!

Of course, when we found out about Lyndsey’s idea, we knew that we had to do absolutely everything we could to make her dreams ( and wishes ) come true!

We ordered 2 dozen Monarch butterflies from SwallowTail Farms, and the butterflies arrived within 2 days. This is where the fun began, because they arrived a day early — so Patricia was to host the butterflies until it was time for the wedding!

If you’ve ever wondered exactly what lengths we at PK Events will go to for you, to make sure that your big event or special day is the best ever, you need only to look at the way Patricia looked after these butterflies.

When the butterflies arrive, typically they come in envelopes inside a refrigerated box, and when it’s time for the celebration you transfer them to the organza box for release. Patricia could have very easily left them inside their box until the wedding day, but she was committed to making sure that they had a VIP New Orleans experience:

First, she put them inside her fridge, at home.

Next, she made sure they were comfortable.

She added a baby monitor so she could listen to & check on them.

She played music through the monitor so that they would feel more at home (if you’re wondering what the genre was, she chose “nature sounds”, because of course, that’s what butterflies like).

She was with them every step of the way.

When the big day came, Patricia lovingly released each butterfly from it’s envelope into the organza box, and gave them a pep talk to make sure they would fly. If you saw a lady inside the bathroom talking to butterflies that day, this is what was happening!

When all of the butterflies were ready to go, it was showtime!

Lyndsey and Martin were married outdoors in a beautiful ceremony,

And when it was time, they released the butterflies! Every single one flew, so they have dozens of wishes that will come true!

After the wedding it was time for celebratory drinks at the Carousel Bar at Hotel Monteleone!

We’re so honored that we got a chance to work with Lyndsey and Martin, and that their special day turned out so beautifully! If anyone else wants to work with butterflies, you know that we’re the events company for you! Patricia is now affectionately known as “the butterfly whisperer”

for your I Dos & Big Days,

PK Events


Bride & Groom: Lyndsey & Martin

Photography: Marcia Ibay Grover of Ibay Photography

Wedding Planners: Patricia & Kristen of PK Events NOLA

Floral: Kimberly Quinvilan

Additional Locations: The Carousel Bar at Hotel Monteleone & Dickie Brennan’s Tableau

** PK Events, Ibay Photography, Kimberly Quinvilan, and Dickie Brennan’s Tableau are proud to be members of the BeNolaWed network **

2021 © I Do Weddings New Orleans by P.K. Events